Attractive Pricing

€ 50


license fee

The basic fee for the use of the API is € 50 per month.
Additionally, there is a 12 % license fee for every pattern design used on your products.
Because the license fee is dependent on the price of a good, we decided on a price cap at a product price of € 300. Therefore, the maximum price for a design is € 36. This ensures that costs do not become too high for expensive products.

Live calculation

Net product price without pattern € 
License fee


Product price License fee Net product price with pattern

€ 79.00 € 9,48 € 88,48
€ 179.00 € 21,48 € 200,48
€ 300.00 € 36,00 € 336,00
€ 799.00 € 36,00 € 835,00

All prices are net prices.

EXAMPLE- Pattern Pillow

€ 28 - Net product price for pattern pillow
€ 25
Net product price without pattern
€ 3
license fee

If your net product price (net = excluding sales tax) without the pattern is € 25 total, 12% of that amount is € 3. This is the amount we will charge as a license fee. Thus, the net product price with the pattern will be € 28.

Additional options

Individualize your service by adding features which are covering the needs of your customers perfectly.


€ 50 per month

Create your own collections. Arrange pattern designs as you like by color, style, seasons etc. Individualize your selection of pattern designs.


€ 50 per month

Use your own logo watermark to label and protect pattern designs.

3D Preview

€ 50 per month

Create 3D previews of your product with the pattern design. Allow your customers a realistic preview of the finished product.

Additional Designs

€ 50 per month

Add and include your own designs. Easily use any vector file (eps, svg, pdf, ai).