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The example below shows what's possible with the Pattern Design API - and you can use it like this in your shop:


Mass Customization with Style

One design has more to say than 1,000 photos

Why does it always have to be a picture?

Whether it's furniture or gifts - design patterns offer the choice of decorative and nonetheless individualized products.

Honestly, what would you rather use?

A cup with a picture of you, or a cup with a decor with your style and name?

Endless Possibilities

Have you already realized, that many photos or designs aren't well suited for large surfaces?

Each of our designs is available in vector quality with seamless repeat.

Apply the designs on arbitrarily large surfaces - only limited by the size of your products.

You can look through our design selection at our Platform. The well-arranged categorization is part of our offer.

License Fees

Keep it simple! One flat rate for all!

Why complicated, when it can be simple! Therefore, we offer the designs with a flat rate of 12% of the net product sales price.

A price cap at 300€ of the product price - thus 36€ maximum price for a design - makes sure that costs don't grow too large for expensive products.

Simple Integration

Get going now, and start with the sale of design products within days!

The integration can be done in a short time.

After you've registered as an API Partner, you receive your API key within days via mail. Now it's up to your IT team to do the integration. Our IT guys are there for support.

Try it out at our API Live Demo

Products with designs can also be visualized in a great way

Who's Using it Already

HP WallArt


You can find a larger list and live shops on our Partner Page

Any Questions?

API Support

Just ask Pattern Design:

Tel.: +43 (0)699 19 78 54 10

E-Mail: info at

Technical support

it at

But before, take a look at the technical documentation.

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